Switzerland – Zurich

April 16, 2016

After finalizing everything last minute, including making final hotel reservations and booking our train tickets the night before we left for Switzerland, we were finally on our way to the land of cheese fondue!

Day 1

First impression of Switzerland the moment we arrived in Zurich was: what is that smell? Second impression? Holy….and I thought things in Paris were expensive!

After stealing free WiFi from the train station and managing to find our way to our hotel to unload our luggages, we were off to tour the city! Turns out, Zurich is a pretty small city so it didn’t take us long to pretty much walk around the city as we snapped the various famous landmarks along the way (but I don’t remember the names of a lot of them to be honest).




After finding out that the restaurant we bookmarked to try Switzerland’s famous cheese fondue was closed (since we went there on a Sunday), we continued to stroll through the city until we saw a restaurant we recognized: Swiss Chuchi.


Swiss Chuchi is a restaurant that lies next to the city and it’s hard to miss. You’ll notice a statue of the cow above the entrance of the restaurant and it’s one of those places where you think the food will be amazing judging by how packed it is. Our server told us that we would have to finish our meal within one and a half hour, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to dine there so we thought: wow, we really came to the right place!


Although Swiss Chuchi claims that they are the oldest church fondue parlor in Zurich, I wasn’t a big fan of the restaurant. First, I have to clear the air. I’m no expert in cheese fondue and I definitely haven’t tried enough swiss fondues to make comparisons. However, my general view of the cheese fondue we had was: overpriced and overhyped. I was pretty disappointed when I realized that traditional cheese fondue is simply served with cold, hard bread, not to mention the strong taste of white wine in the fondue (it seems as though traditional cheese fondue recipes all require some white wine but I wasn’t a fan of it).

We also ordered the Raclette cheese with beef, veal and chicken, thinking we would get our protein fix. Turns out, we were served three meager pieces of meat with a few slices of cheese that we were supposed to melt on the skillet and pour over our meat. Nope, it definitely did not have any wow factors, let alone a “mmmm, this is pretty good,” feeling.

But, we finally made it to Switzerland! Can’t let disappointing cheese fondue get our spirits down!

Stay tuned to find out about our trip to Lucerne where we took the cable car to the top of Mount Pilatus and getting lost in Interlaken while we were trying to find Lake Thun.

Happy eating (and traveling),
joeyeat ♥

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