April 2, 2018

I’ve been going to this restaurant for years and I’m both happy and surprised to say the quality here never diminished. While most restaurants tend to lose some of its quality in either food preparation, ingredients or service, Kagaya still upholds stellar ratings in all three categories.

Customers are greeted with warm towels as they’re seated. This little observation was made by my dad during our visit to the restaurant several years ago (BCE – before college era). Their menu is pretty straight forward so it makes it easy for customers to decide which shabu shabu set they want to go for. USDA Prime Rib Beef, Wagyu Beef from Miyazaki, Seafood or a mix of Seafood with either of the two types of beef they offer.

I almost always go for the USDA Prime Rib Beef since American beef generally already tastes pretty amazing and I tend to avoid the more expensive wagyu beef that has a higher fat percentage, although it does melt in your mouth.

Chef Masa will always start your meal off with appetizers that already leave you drooling for more… appetizers. They were so good I wish I could order seconds as a la carte items.

Tofu with Salmon

Clam Soup

Fried Monkfish with Radish Paste

Prime Rib Beef Shabu (the star of the show)

What I’ve always loved about Kagaya is they will use the remaining broth from your shabu shabu and cook either a udon or a porridge rice bowl for you. And if that’s still not enough food, they serve you a dessert of your choice.

My favorite is definitely the banana pie. I would go back to Kagaya just to satisfy cravings for their banana pie.

Banana Pie

Besides from the quality of their food, the main reason I never stop recommending Kagaya to friends is because you see Chef Masa’s passion and devotion towards serving great food to the customers. While most other restaurants will probably serve you a scoop of ice cream as the dessert for your set course, that’s not the case here.

If you go in a small group, I recommend sitting at the bar where you get to see the chefs in action and definitely call to make a reservation in advance no matter what. It’s a small, cozy restaurant in Little Tokyo and seats fill up fast!

Restaurant Info
418 E. 2nd Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

+1 (213) 617-1016

Happy eating,

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