Juice Cleanse Day 2

November 4, 2013

It’s only the second day of the juice cleanse and the cravings are already really hard to suppress. It was a mistake to not get all the ingredients before starting on this homemade juice cleanse because the moment I walk into the grocery store to get some ginger, I spot all sorts of food. My favorite Asian snacks, drinks, ice cream. Oh gosh. I really do wonder if I will be able to last the week.

The good thing about the second day is that after my morning glass of juice, I realized why I’ve been feeling sick since the first day. It wasn’t only because I have been eating unhealthy meals. It was because of all the acid from the citrus fruits that I’ve been drinking. All the citrus increases stomach acid, which causes excess gas. This is why I’ve been feeling as if something was up my throat the whole time and that I wanted to throw up. I don’t actually need to throw up. I just feel as if I want to throw up because of all the gas. After realizing this, I feel much better about the juice cleanse.

Morning: Orange, lemon and celery juice

Morning: Orange, lemon and celery juice

Happy drinking,
Joey Wong ♥

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