September 8, 2017

4/F, No. 522 Lock Hart Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

First things first. It’s a bit of a hike all the way up to the fourth floor before you reach this intimate and sleek private-event / dining venue. It turns out the owner, Phoebe, used to study cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu London and worked at Tate Dining Room and Bar before opening up this private event space. She’s partnered up with her former sous chef at Tate to give clients a fine dining experience in one of the most intimate and relaxing environments. I also loved the open kitchen where I could watch them prepare our food.

Watermelon, tomatoes and tomato consommé

Never been a tomato person but it was so easy to fall in love with this dish. The tomatoes tasted excellent and the highlight of the dish is most definitely the tomato consommeé. Refreshing and light, the perfect way to tease your appetite at the start.

Cauliflower purée, parmesan and truffle

The bomb. This small bite in between our appetizer and main was probably one of my favorites of the meal. Smooth, creamy cauliflower purée sandwiched in between two thin pieces of parmesan crisps with a touch of truffle paste. Simply amazing. I really wish I could convey how much I loved this and how good it tasted. Everything came together perfectly.

Iberico pork shoulders

I apologize for the blurry photo. I was a bit too excited to dig into this dish. The chef assured us that the pork was perfectly edible even though it’s a bit pink (which was a good sign for me). After asking my friend Christabel about her experience at this place and she told me that she thought everything was great except that the pork shoulders were a bit dry, I was a little worried when we were served the same main course. Although our pork was cooked perfectly, I’ll have to admit that it was perhaps the most unimpressive dish of the meal. Our meat wasn’t seasoned evenly so some bites would be too salty while others were a bit bland.


The pearl grapes poached in Moscato and the dessert in general was interesting but for someone who works in the field, it wasn’t very “wow.” The plating was minimal yet thoughtful though.

Pain de Cristal

Last but not least, the Spanish bread they serve deserves a special highlight. I never thought Spain would be represented by bread or pastries but hous taught me that “Pain de Cristal” deserves more attention from carb lovers.

I’m really glad I got to meet a fellow LCB graduate chasing after her dreams!

Happy eating,
Joey ♥

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