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Sushi Gen

April 15, 2012

Sushi Gen
422 E 2nd St,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-0552

March, 2012

I have been to Sushi Gen a few times before but never took the photos and noticed the details to write a post about the Japanese restaurant for my blog.  There was no wait when I got there–surprisingly.  I ordered only their sushi the first time I went there but this time I decided to order one of their dinner sets.

The meal started with miso soup, Japanese pickles and a side of sashimi.  The sashimi was not the best but then for a dinner set that costed around $17, I did not have much to complain.


My main course shortly after.  I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken, which came with a small portion of salad, potato salad and rice.  Everything was cooked perfectly.  The chicken was tender, the teriyaki sauce was well, normal teriyaki sauce.  The potato salad was very nice.  It has a slight hint of sweetness and is mashed up very smoothly.


I’d say that the dinner set was a good deal for what I got.  It was a big portion and left me with stuffed, yet satisfied.  It’s the type of good meal where you leave the restaurant feeling very full but in a happy, indescribable way of joy.

My sister ordered the unagi meal.  While I do not know what it tasted like, here’s a picture of her meal.


More updates will come for Sushi Gen, since I’m positive it will be a place I will revisit–again.

Happy eating!

Joey ♥