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Cafe Gratitude

April 24, 2013

Cafe Gratitude
639 N. Larchmont Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 580-6383

Price: $18

My foodie friend Alice recommended Cafe Gratitude, so it was a must-try for me.  The name of the restaurant says it all.  All the items on the menu are listed as “I am _______.”  It’s a good way to try new dishes.  Next time I go back to Cafe Gratitude, it’ll be likely that I order the item that matches my mood.  It was my first time there and I had to ask my friendly waitress for help.  I settled on:

  • I Am Present: Seasonal Bruschetta – Sesame crostini with cashew mozzarella cheese, salted lemon peels, roasted pear and avocado.
  • I Am Healthy: Kale, celery, cucumber and lemon juice.


  • I Am Present: I had to ask the waitress again, what the white mousse is.  It tasted so good.  When she told me that it was cashew mozzarella cheese, I was a little shocked.  Cashew mozzarella cheese?  I forgot I was in a vegan restaurant so I looked up “cashew mozzarella cheese” and found this recipe. The salted lemon peel added a hint of freshness to the bruschetta, loved it.
  • I Am Present: Also loved their sweet vinaigrette sauce!
  • Environment: Very calm with its own parking lot. Thumbs up.


  • I Am Healthy: It’s more of a personal thing.  When I think “juice,” I think something sweet.  It was a surprise to me when it was salty, a little too salty for me. And thinking lemon and cucumber, I was expecting it to be a little more refreshing.  I talked to a holistic nurse recently and she told me that she drinks a smoothie made of kale, cucumber, lemon–so something similar.  She said her smoothie tastes good so I was keen to try the I Am Healthy juice.  Again, it was a matter of personal taste.  I’ll probably stick to apple juice for now.

All in all, I would go back and try some of its different items on the menu.

Happy eating,

Joey Wong ♥