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The Coffee Academics

July 27, 2013

The Coffee Academics
G/F Yiu Wah Street,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Stepping into The Coffee Academics in Causeway Bay, you will not believe you’re in one of the busiest districts in one of the most populated cities. The outdoor patio area is perfect for a cool summer day, if it weren’t for the rain. Also worth mentioning is the service. You may be accustomed to being yelled at by waiters/waitresses for not making up your mind on what you want as soon as you take your seat. Why of course, they want to take your order immediately, serve your food and make sure you leave their restaurant asap so they can seat the next party. I was simply amazed when the waiter let us take our time to decide. Since I’m not big on coffee and don’t understand most of the coffee-related terms on the menu, he patiently explained some of their key differences to me.

Despite the great service, my experience was not too great. My Bellagio Chocolate Mocha was served barely warm, although I did take a few minutes snapping photos. Since I’m not big on coffee and cannot distinguish which country the coffee beans are from after my first sip, I will not get into too much detail.

We also ordered the Baba qu Rhum. It’s a three-layer dessert with strawberry compote and alcohol-sponge-cake. Being the terrible lightweight that I am, I did not add the shot of rum to it. Perhaps I should have because the sponge cake layer was too dry and hard for my liking. I can imagine the sponge cake layer being more moist and fluffy if I added the shot. It was worth a try but I would not order that again.

In fact, I’m not sure if I will revisit The Coffee Academics until I tried other cafes. Something that did grab my interest was that they offer a variety of classes, including a Latte Art Class.


Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥