Sinmei Tea (川善茶居)

June 7, 2013

Sinmei Tea (川善茶居))
5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok St,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Happy Friday everyone! The interns and I finally made it to Sinmei after our failed attempt last week. Turns out, this little vegetarian/matcha place is so popular that you’ll have to make reservations (especially for parties larger than two), or else it’s most likely you’ll be turned away.

At first glance, it’s a cute little cafe tucked into one of the commercial buildings in Sheung Wan. You might not ever wander into that building unless a friend recommended that you try Sinmei. It’s all vegetarian and they are known for their matcha specialties. As you probably know by now, there’s a new green tea/matcha hype in Hong Kong.


  • The Drinks.
  • The Matcha Soul, a Sinmei special, is a blend of green tea powder with soy milk, topped with honey, almond flakes, sultanas and osmanthus flower bits. I love how the drink itself is not sweetened. After mixing the foam (sweetened with honey) in with the rest of the drink, it retains its green tea and soy flavor. Definitely not a cup of sugar overload.
  • Green Hot Chocolate: Green tea powder, white chocolate milk and cream. The green tea taste is definitely there but if you were expecting a little more chocolate, you’ll be disappointed. I felt as if they either gave me the wrong drink or they should rename the drink to Green Tea Latte. Yes, you’re all familiar with the latte by now. It tastes more like a latte.


  • The food.
  • The panini: First off, it took a really long time for them to throw the panini together. Second, they gave me the wrong one. As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining.” I got to try two different paninis because of this.
  • Egg and Sun-Dried Tomato Panini: Bland, dry. It’s no different from a mayo-egg sandwich… Suffice it to say, no comment?
  • Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto Panini: Much better than the eggs panini. You do have to be a cheese lover to like this panini, with the thick layer of mozzarella. The only disappointment was that there was no pesto taste.
  • Omelette: If you’re used to completely cooked, dry omelettes, this is the place for you. If not, don’t order it.

Again, I should stress the epiphany I had while typing up the Butao Ramen post. I do realize that I am a lot more critical now. It’s either because my tastebuds have been Americanized or LA’s cafes have better food.

While chatting with the interns and asking for their opinions on this place, they said they think Sinmei offers better food, compared to most other cafes in the city. So, there you go, some differing opinions.

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

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