Saboten Japanese Cutlet | 勝博殿日式炸豬排

June 22, 2012

Saboten Japanese Cutlet | 勝博殿日式炸豬排
Lower Ground Floor, Henry House,
42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

June 21, 2012

Passed by this restaurant every day after work and always wanted to try it.  I finally went to try their food last night with my friend.  I ordered the Katsudon Combo set and my friend ordered the Pork Katsu with Radish and Spring Onions set.

I was a little annoyed when the waitress told us that there is a time limit for dining there.  We went at around 6 and had to leave by 7:45.  It’s really more than enough time but we ended up staying there until they kicked us out.

We were served cabbage shreds with sesame sauce and Japanese pickles.  I’m in love with sesame sauce so appetizer was good.

My katsudon combo came with two pieces of pork katsu, a shrimp katsu and a piece of crab croquette.  The pork katsu was not as tender as I expected.  The shrimp katsu was only mediocre.  I was most pleased with the crab croquette, which had a creamy filling.  The katsu was pretty good in general.  The food was served hot and slightly crunchy so you could tell it was served right after it was cooked.







(Katsudon Combo)

Another thing that pleased me about this meal was the option for barley and rice instead of plain rice.  I love barley mixed with rice so it was a good touch to the meal.

My friend ordered the Pork Katsu with Radish and Spring Onions.  I thought it was like a regular katsu set in the beginning but one bite and I fell in love with her meal.  Instead of the traditional sweet katsu sauce, her meal was served with a piece of grapefruit and a sour-tasting sauce.

It was especially appetizing during the hot summer days.  The pork tenderloin katsu topped with mashed raddish paste gave the katsu a smoother and softer texture.  The sour sauce made it easier to take in because the traditional katsu sauce tends to get too sweet after a while.

Sorry about the low picture quality!  These were taken from my old iPhone.  I’m asking my friend to send over a picture she took of her set so check my blog again in a bit to see what her meal looked like!

Happy eating,

Joey Wong ♥

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