Milk Top

May 28, 2013

Milk Top
Basement, Sogo,
555 Hennessy Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Great news!  I’m back in Hong Kong again!  I discovered Milk Top last summer when I was interning in Causeway Bay and had time to spare during my lunch break.  One of the first stops I made right after I came back to Hong Kong was Milk Top in Sogo’s basement.  I never actually tried their ice cream but I know that it is quite popular.  What I really love about Milk Top is their Hokkaido Milk Pudding.  I tried a couple of the other flavors (chocolate, sesame, red bean, cookie, maple–pretty much all of the flavors they offer) but none of them were as good as the Hokkaido milk flavor.

Hokkaido Milk Pudding

Hokkaido Milk Pudding

I tried the cookie flavor recently and I personally thought that flavor defeated the whole point of Milk Top’s pudding.  I love the Hokkaido milk flavor because the taste is pretty authentic and the pudding’s texture is silky-smooth.  The cookie flavor had cookie bits in it, which made the texture very lumpy.

If you’re in Hong Kong (by any chance), make sure you try their pudding!  Also try some local tofu dessert (豆腐花)across the street from Sogo.  I’ll probably post a new blog update on the “House of Tofu” soon.

So happy to be back in this city and excited to start my food adventure in Hong Kong again!

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

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