Lighthouse Waffles & Cake

March 5, 2012

Lighthouse Waffles & Cake

3465 W. 6th St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90020

March, 2012

I finally went to Lighthouse Waffles & Cake for a much-needed study session since the last time I passed by and looked at their menu.  The waitress did not even notice us as my friend and I walked into the cafe.  After seating ourselves at a booth and wondering what we should do for a few minutes, I went to get the menu myself.

The downside of this cafe is that it is seriously just for waffles and cakes.  There were more drink selections and I settled with a green tea latte (as usual).  My friend decided to try something new and probably something that this cafe is one of the only cafes that offers: the pumpkin espresso.

It didn’t take long for the waitress to come back with our drinks as we set up our study area, pulling all our notes, laptops, and textbooks out.

Although the design of my latte wasn’t as exquisite as Urth Caffe’s (they gave me a hello kitty by request), it was creamier and had a richer taste.  There was also another taste that I still cannot distinguish after finishing the whole cup.  It’ll have to take one to try it to understand what I mean.  It wasn’t the taste of the cream or the green tea.  It was something else that I never tasted in a green tea latte before.

Though the latte was creamy, it also retained a strong Japanese green tea taste.

Green Tea Latte

I took a sip of my friend’s pumpkin-flavored espresso and thought the taste was…surprisingly good.  First impression when I saw it on the menu was: they are adding pumpkin to coffee?  Weird…

The taste of the pumpkin wasn’t very strong and actually complemented the coffee pretty well.  And for those of you who are wondering, no, there wasn’t any pumpkin chunks in the drink.

Pumpkin-Flavored Espresso

As we were about to wrap up our study session, a big group came in and they must have ordered the waffles.  My friend and I were chatting away and packing our things up as a waft of freshly-made waffles filled our noses.  We noticed it before we saw the waitress bring out the waffles.  The other group of customers looked at us and smiled as we eyed their snack.


Happy eating!

Joey ♥

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