LCB: Certified Basic Patissier

March 25, 2016

We did it! After two and a half months in Paris, my fellow classmates and I can officially throw our hats into the air as we graduate from Basic Patisserie.

But then of course, this only happens in movies.

What really happened was after stressing out and walking out of our exams feeling a little overwhelmed because we didn’t know what to expect and how to memorize all the recipes and make the pastries without our notes, my friends and I rushed home to finish Googling for hotels and booking our train tickets for our trip to Switzerland. Since we had about a week of break before Intermediate Patisserie began, we decided to skip our graduation ceremony (since it wasn’t mandatory and we still have Intermediate and Superior Patisserie graduation ceremonies to attend) and to travel to Switzerland.

As we moved towards the end of Basic Patisserie, it was noticeable that the chefs demanded a lot more from us. It was no longer enough to finish our pastries on time. We also had to make sure our stations were very, very clean before moving on to the next steps and that they expect us to continue to improve on our decoration skills. Of course, the chefs are hard on us in class and some chefs would even yell over our shoulders as we struggle to pipe the decorations onto our cakes. But in the end, it’s all for us to improve and for us to get a taste of what working in a professional kitchen would entail.

I’m excited to find out what we’ll be learning in Intermediate Patisserie!

Happy eating (and baking),
Joey ♥

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  • Reply Christina April 23, 2016 at 2:04 AM

    Hey Joey!
    A big congratulations to you for completing the first part of your patisserie course!! Everything looks so incredible and it always makes me so happy seeing your IG updates.
    I’m actually interested in going to pastry school myself and would love to ask you a few questions regarding your decision to go, where to go, and just your experience in general. Would you mind?

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