Kanizen 蟹膳

June 11, 2012

Kanizen 蟹膳
3 Thomson Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

June 9, 2012

Came back to Hong Kong after a day-trip to mainland China.  Dinner was of course, splendid.  Kanizen is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in one ingredient: crabs.  Throughout the entire dinner, our seven courses all included crab.  After chatting with the waitress for a while, we found out that fresh crabs are flown in from Japan at least every week.  It also turns out the pool of crabs by the entrance is not just for decorations…that is the pool of crabs where your dinner comes from.

First course started with Japanese Tofu with Crab.  There’s nothing special or too surprising with this course besides from the fact that the boiled tofu is warm and soft, soaked in a thick broth with shreds of crab meat.  Second course onwards were more satisfying.  Grilled Taraba Crab Legs.  Taraba crab legs tend to be longer so you get good chunks of meat.  The grilled crab legs are served with “crab vinegar.”  Unlike normal vinegar, it’s more sweet than sour, which brings out the taste of the salty seawater and the freshness of the meat.







(Grilled Taraba Crab Legs & Claws | 燃鱈場蟹)

The Taraba Tempura was the biggest surprise.  A big piece of crab meat probably even wider than my wrist fried in a thin layer of tempura crisp.  Instead of dipping the crab tempura in the usual tempura sauce, the chef served it with green tea salt.  Similar to the crab tempura, the few slices of tempura made of eggplant, pumpkin, sweet potato and mushroom were all very nice.  Another little surprise hidden in the tempura platter was egg yolk tempura.  The waitress warned us that we had to eat it in a bite or else the egg yolk will drip out.  I’m not a big fan of egg yolks but in the rare case that I’ve seen it done tempura-style, I had to try it.  It’s unique that there’s a soft crunchy texture followed by dripping egg yolk.  For some reason, I think of lava.  I’m still not a big fan of egg yolks but I have to applaud the chef for the tempura.  It was new and imagine dipping only the yolk of an egg into the tempura batter and frying it…must be hard.







(Taraba Crab Tempura | 鱈場蟹天婦羅)

The chef used the remaining pieces of crab and served it as a shabu shabu course along with a platter of assorted vegetables.  After we were done with the shabu shabu course, the waitress came in and scraped the egg paste found on a big piece of shell to make congee.  The dinner ended with ice cream scoops.  I decided on the yuzu sorbet.  The sourness of the sorbet really helped with digesting the meal and all the crab meat!


Happy eating (from Hong Kong),

Joey Wong ♥

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