Huitrerie Régis

July 10, 2013

Huitrerie Régis
3, rue de Montfaucon,
75006, Paris, France
01 44 41 10 07

Tucked in one of the small alleys in St. Germain, Paris is Huitrerie Régis. Though small and not a place you’ll pass by on your way to the shopping areas, it’s definitely worth a visit. After waiting with a bowl of Tom Yum Kung in the Thai restaurant right next to Huitrerie, they were finally opened and already packed.

We managed to squish into a table for four in the packed restaurant with barely enough space to get around in. We realized that there was a minimum of a dozen oysters per person but here’s the thing. If you’re there with a group and it’s not likely that you can eat a dozen oysters each, you can order something as substitute. We placed an order of shrimps (more expensive than a dozen of oysters) so we didn’t have to stuff a dozen oysters each.

It takes a while for the platter of oysters to get to your table but you’ll notice that Huitrerie Régis is more of a family-run type of business. There’s only one man shucking the oysters. They were probably opened for only about half an hour and the man is already sweating from shucking away for all the oyster-cravers.

While we were still waiting for our platter, a decent line has already formed outside of the restaurant.

The oysters were the best I’ve had throughout my trip in Europe. We went to a couple that the locals as well as food review sites recommended but they were just not as good.

We ordered the Fines de Claires, Speciales de Claires and the organic shrimps. If I remember correctly, the Speciales de Claires was way too salty for my liking. However, I can give you my word that the oysters were very, very fresh.

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

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