Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

April 19, 2017

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine
Shop A-C, G/F, Lee Roy Mansion,
332-338 Canton Road, Jordan

I didn’t hold any high expectations when I decided to come. I even asked my mom to entertain my childhood memories when my pencils and notebooks all had at least one Hello Kitty on it. But I was clearly wrong about visiting this restaurant. If I have to sum up the experience in a few words it’ll have to be: the food was so disastrous we had to go find something else to eat right after.

I mean, our expectations were already pretty low when we went. We at least expected our food to be at least lukewarm.

Hello Kitty Har Gau
Let’s start with my all-time favorite har gaus. The har gau skin is so thick you feel like you’re eating a slab of gooey but hardened dough. The skin was so horrible that you barely notice the filling inside.

Custard Bun
Unlike the usual custard bun with hot custard oozing out when you break the bun in half, the middle was solid and cold.

BBQ Pork Puff Pastry
Let’s just say, don’t order this. Puff pastry was not flaky and I’m pretty sure this was something prepared way in advance and they just warmed it under the heat lamps.

As you can probably tell, the food just kept getting worse and worse for us. Even the discount coupon they gave us when we paid the bill wouldn’t encourage me to recommend this restaurant to others or to go back. I guess in their defense, most of the other tables were filled with mommies with their five-year-old daughters and I’m a little past that age.

Happy eating,
Joey ♥

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