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Ice Cream Lab

September 11, 2013

Ice Cream Lab
9461 S. Santa Monica Blvd,
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 795-6505

Friends who know me well know that I eat ice cream almost every night. One of my friends actually asked me if I was okay and if I was going through a rough time when he saw me scooping ice cream out of a pint at home. It’s just something that I love–ice cream. I finally got to make a run to the Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills two nights ago and I have to say it was another one of those “love at first bite” moments for me.

We ordered the “Salt Lick Crunch” and “Rodeo Road.” Both were amazing. I’ve been to Lab Made Ice Cream in Hong Kong and while both places make their ice cream fresh with liquid nitrogen, I have to say the one here in Beverly Hills was better. Perhaps it was because Lab Made only offered really basic flavors when I went.

Salt Lick Crunch: Vanilla bean ice cream with crushed salted pretzels, caramel sauce and topped with sea salt.
Rodeo Road: Chocolate ice cream with candied almond, toffee, marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

Ice Cream Lab’s ice cream is really smooth and creamy. I also loved the toppings added to the ice cream, which gave every bite a little more texture and something to munch on.

I would recommend a visit to the Ice Cream Lab. I can’t wait until my next visit and to try some of their other and new flavors!

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

Kisses Cupcakes

June 12, 2013

Kisses Cupcakes
Shop B102B, B1, K11, 18 Hanoi Rd.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

It’s always hard on Mondays, getting back into the system with a whole week ahead. There’s no better way to get out of the Monday Blues than treating yourself with something sweet. When my sister invited me to go pick up cupcakes with her afterwork, I jumped on it. I have to admit, when she said Kisses Cupcakes, I thought it was opened by the Hershey company. Turns out it is not but the cupcakes were yummalicious.

Walking up to the cupcake counter, it reminded me of Sprinkles Cupcakes back in LA. Of course, this is Hong Kong, so the portions are smaller. We ordered the red velvet, strawberry and lemon cupcakes.

My first thought was, “Can’t go wrong with these flavors…” One bite of each flavor and Kisses has me hooked. Not only are the cupcakes moist and soft, the buttercream is just the right amount of sweetness. When we ordered the strawberry, I was a little worried since the sales person told us that strawberry is their sweetest flavor. It’s just the right amount of sweetness that you don’t feel the urge to down a few glasses of water. The red velvet and lemon were also pretty good.

It wasn’t like to-die-for cupcakes and it’s certainly not like you have to make a trip to their store right now but I would go back and try a few other flavors like their s’mores or cookie monster. Happy sticky rice dumpling (zongzi) day everybody!

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

P.S. I’m off to Paris tomorrow night so expect more mouth-watering posts and pictures soon!

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory (分子雪糕專門店)

June 7, 2013

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory (分子雪糕專門店)
G/F, 6 Brown Street,
Tai Hang, Hong Kong


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Lab Made. My Facebook and Instagram have also been filled with images of Lab Made ice cream. So what’s all the buzz about? They make their ice cream fresh, right before your eyes. Ever wondered how ice cream is made? You can witness it yourself. Lab Made freezes their ice cream instantly using liquid nitrogen and if you ever visit the store, you’ll often see the smoke coming from their electric mixers.

Lab Made is serving the following flavors this week: Treacle Tart, ILLY Coffee, Coconut “Tang But Lut” and Mango Gelato. They switch out their menu and serve a different set of flavors every few weeks. Apparently, this week’s menu was not special.

We ordered the coffee, coconut and mango flavors and I was quickly disappointed. Yup, I could get these flavors from the grocery store. Nothing special here. Although, a big fan of coconut ice cream that I am, I did enjoy the coconut one more than the others. After all, coconut ice cream is not very commonly found in Hong Kong grocery stores.

Oh, also be warned. There aren’t too many seats in the lab.

A re-visit is a must but that will have to depend on the new flavors they offer.

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

人和荳品廠 (Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong)

June 7, 2013

55 Jardine’s Bazaar,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Just to make things clear, this place has been one of my favorite places in Hong Kong since I was a kid. I’ve been coming to this tofu place before it moved across the street and yes, I can vouch for the fact that their price never increased by much throughout the years.

Their cold tofu dessert (豆腐花) is a must, must, must must try! It is what draws me back to the place every time I come back to Hong Kong through all these years (I’m actually not that old but I did start coming since I was a few years old). The quality and taste of the tofu dessert cannot be matched. The tofu is silky while it retains a light tofu taste. Paired with the cold syrup added to the tofu, it’s perfect for a sweaty, humid summer day in Hong Kong. If you do find a place with better tofu dessert though, please let me know. I’ll hop onto the MTR right away!

Their pan-fried tofu with stuffed fish meat is also one of their specialties. They serve their tofu without much seasoning, which I find, is pretty rare in Hong Kong. Add your own fix of soya sauce and chili sauce and you’re all good to go.

I don’t have an image here but their fried noodle is another must-try.

Yan Wo is a pretty good dessert/snack place. I tend to visit the store for a bowl (most of the times, it’s actually two bowls) of their tofu dessert during my shopping breaks. I was also lucky enough to intern in Causeway Bay, just steps away from Yan Wo, so I did spend my fair share of time (and salary) at this tofu place. For those of you who prefer a stronger tofu taste, go for the hot tofu dessert.


If you haven’t been here already, I STRONGLY suggest you make a trip here soon! And as always…


Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥

Ms B’s Cakery

June 3, 2013

Ms B’s Cakery
39 Gough Street,
Central, Hong Kong

“Love at first bite.” Yes, I have to agree. I fell in love at first bite. After my internship ended today, I decided it was enough waiting and that I HAD to try Ms. B’s Cakery. What’s all the buzz about anyway? Turns out, it was worth all the extra steps I made with the weight of my laptop pulling down on my shoulder.

Since they told me it’s $60 for one and $150 for three, I figured of course it’s a better deal to get three for $150! So here are the three that I picked: Better Than Sex, Lady in Red, Madame Butterfly.

In all honesty, I was way too excited to get started with this post after finishing the first two. Madame Butterfly is still sitting in my refrigerator and will receive an update once it’s happily in my tummy.

Better Than Sex: Dark and moist fudge cake with chocolate-coated caramel crunch and a burst of salted toffee surprise. Of course, an additional surprise sits right on top of the cake itself. The luscious red lips. The lady warned me that Better Than Sex is one of their sweeter cakes but I took it anyway–mainly because of the lips. I cannot explain how I must have traveled to heaven with the first bite. It’s been such a long time, especially after coming back to Hong Kong, since I’ve tasted such rich, smooth, chocolatey-chocolate cake. You really do have to eat all the layers in one bite or else it might be too sweet, not sweet enough, etc. But when you do, ohh yes it is heavenly.

Lady in Red: Raspberry mirror with lychee cream and berry sponge. Here’s what you need to know ahead of time. If you’re a big fan of lychee, you’re not going to get it. If you are a big fan of raspberry though, you’ll love it. In all honesty, the pinkness of the cake attracted me. It didn’t even go to love at first bite. It was already love at first sight. I’ve always loved moist, soft and spongey cake. This was everything I loved. The raspberry on top was the best addition to this cake.

Madame Butterfly: Beetroot, pistachio and chocolate layered chiffon cake with apricot compote and fresh cream. This was probably my least favorite one of the three cakes that I bought. I realized that with Ms B’s cakes, don’t expect the flavors to be very strong, especially for the chiffon cake. For Lady in Red, I didn’t taste much lychee flavor for the chiffon layer and for Madame Butterfly, I certainly did not taste all the different flavors. And no, I don’t think it had anything to do with the cake sitting in my fridge overnight. If anything, I should applaud Ms B’s Cakery for crafting cakes that are still soft and somewhat moist after spending the night in the refrigerator.

Keeping the price in mind, I wouldn’t come here too often in fear of going broke. The “Better Than Sex” and “Lady in Red” are both worth a try and even a second, but “Madame Butterfly” didn’t make the cut. A return, though, is still a must. I also can’t wait to try C’est La B in Admiralty–soon, very soon.

Happy eating,
Joey Wong ♥