June 5, 2018

If it’s not obvious enough, I’m a big fan of Pastry Chef Nicolas Lambert’s work. His desserts is the reason why I’ve been visiting and revisiting Caprice countless times over the past year. After finding out that he was leaving Caprice to continue developing his career somewhere else in the world (I’m not sure whether it’s been publicly announced yet so I’m not going to reveal where he’s going yet), I HAD TO squeeze in another visit before the new Caprice pastry chef takes over and changes the menu (as I’m typing this, the new Caprice Pastry Chef, Vivien Sonzogni, has already taken over).

My most recent visit to Caprice has left me a bit disappointed, especially comparing this experience with my previous visits. There was definitely something off about their service. My guess was they sent someone who’s very new to the team to serve my table. The waiter came over with their usual bread basket and simply asked which ones we’d like to try, without introducing the different types of bread they have. This was my first red flag of the meal.

Hamachi Tartare with Pomelo Jelly

I started off with the hamachi tartare with pomelo jelly and it was AH-MAZING! Refreshing and definitely opens up your appetite on a hot summer day.

Slow Cooked Farm Egg, Asparagus, Foie Gras and Yellow Wine Espuma

I expected a lot more from this dish, especially since all the components on the menu seemed like something I would enjoy. It was okay at best and did not do wonders like the hamachi with pomelo jelly did.

Brittany Sole, Cauliflower Puree and Sorrel Coulis

OOOHHHHHHHHHH ever since hous introduced me to cauliflower puree, I’ve been in love with that ever since. The fish was cooked to absolute perfection. Just slightly raw enough so the texture is very tender and perfectly seasoned.

Wagyu Beef Sirloin, Purple Sweet Potato and Seasonal Vegetable

I’m not sure how wagyu beef could ever taste this horrible but needless to say, the meat was overcooked, tasted very tough and the beef jus was pretty overwhelming. Since our fish tasted pretty fantastic and the wait staff offered to change our main, we asked for the fish instead of the beef. The second plate of fish we received tasted nothing like the first one we had. It was overcooked so the meat was overly firm and tasted way too salty.

Exotic Fruit Pavlova, Pineapple Compotée, Pabana Sorbet

Here’s an interior shot of the glorious pavlova that I’ve been looking forward to the most. The meringue was very light and crisp, the perfect amount of sweetness and don’t even get me started on the filling and the pabana (passion fruit and banana) sorbet. I’ve always avoided anything to do with meringue since most tend to be sickeningly sweet and/or too hard. Of course, Nicolas would never let that happen on his watch. His meringue breaks away at the slightest poke with a fork and crumbles and melts away the moment you put that forkful of dessert into your mouth. That’s description pretty much did not do this dessert any justice. It pretty much left me wondering how meringue could ever taste so good and I went to work telling all my coworkers how awesome his meringue was.

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