Canard et Champagne

July 21, 2016

Canard et Champagne
57 Passage des Panoramas,
75001 Paris
+33 07 70 25 94 33

I was spending the night in browsing different food-related articles when one particular restaurant stood out: Canard et Champagne. The simplicity in the name of the restaurant led me to search it up and bookmark the restaurant. Even as the restaurant soon became buried underneath a pile of bookmarked restaurants, I still remembered Canard et Champagne because it was one of the easiest French restaurant names to remember.

After sampling all of their dishes, their duck breast stood out as my favorite. I was also impressed by the duck confit as well. While most traditional French bistros tend to serve duck confits that are a bit on the dry side, I think Canard et Champagne nails it by serving a very tender duck confit with a crispy layer of skin.


Duck Foie Gras




Duck Confit


Butcher’s Cut


Rouge Label Duck Breast

Happy eating,
Joey ♥

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